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Our Visiting Teams

Lisa & Larkin

Lisa is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the founder of Comfort Creatures. Larkin has been her inspiration. Larkin was rescued from an animal shelter by a kind lady in September 2004 and made her way to her forever home with Lisa and her family in February 2005. After she was treated for the heartworms she arrived with, Larkin convinced Lisa that they would make a great therapy team. Larkin is about 4 years old now. She loves life and her “ministry!”

Lou Ann & Lee

Lou Ann is a Cardiac Rehab Nurse and Lee is her three year old female lab, who has a very special gift with people. They became a team with Comfort Creatures after going thru training and becoming registered with Delta Society in April 2007. Lee gets very excited when it’s time to go for a visit. They enjoy what they do and hope they can maybe bring a little brightness into someone’s day. For Lou Ann and Lee this is very rewarding!

Bettie & Rudie

Rudie is a minature Parti Poodle who doesn’t like a bath that much. Combing his curly hair he could do without, but he will put on his green bandana with a smile. Rudie, a certified therapy and R.E.A.D. dog, loves his job and so do I. Thank you Comfort Creatures!

Angela & Polly Anna

Angela is a Clinical Data Analyst and has been employed with the North Mississippi Medical Center Pharmacy Department for the past 27 years. She served on the Tupelo Lee Humane Society’s Board of Directors and photographed the adoptable pets for the local newspaper to help them get adopted. She and her English Bulldog, Polly Anna are Pet Partners. She is also a professional pet portrait artist, and a portion of the proceeds from the pet portraits go to help this charitable cause. PollyAnna is also a registered R.E.A.D. dog.

Tricia & Charlie

Charlie, a Golden Retriever, was rescued from the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society June 2008. In the spring of 2009 he was registered with Delta Society and Love On A Leash. He loves playing with his tennis ball and his sister Addie, a Beagle mix. Charlie’s real love is his work! He loves going to Nursing Homes, Sanctuary Hospice House and the Rehab Center where he is currently working with neurology patients. Charlie has a very special gift of comforting those in need of comfort and putting a smile on faces young and old.

Jane, Timber & Leala

Comfort Creatures has made it possible for Jane to fulfill a long-time dream: two of her pet dogs are now therapy dogs. Her first is Leala, a beautiful mixed breed who was some one’s throw-away dog. Leala was seven months old when she was found on the Natchez Trace, terrified of people, hungry and covered with fleas, ticks and mange. Her scars revealed a less than happy puppyhood. Now she happily gives love to people who are in need. She is Delta Society, Love on a Leash and R.E.A.D. certified. Jane’s second Love on a Leash dog is Timber, a Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier. Timber especially likes children. Timber is featured in a story In Chicken-Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog.

Sara & Rue

Sara has been the office manager for Dr. Kenneth Johnsons Pediatric Dental Practice for 15 years. Rue is a 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer. Rue is a registered therapy and R.E.A.D. dog. She was born to be a therapy dog. She has never met a stranger. She loves going to the Sanctuary Hospice House and sharing her love with patients, family and staff. With the love and support of our Comfort Creatures family we have been blessed

Sylvia & Lola

Sylvia McCurdy has lived in Tupelo for 40 years and is retired. She and her husband, Tom, had been searching for the perfect dog for several years. Lola came into our lives about 1 and 1/2 years ago. She is an 11 pound Havanese bundle of joy. After seeing her pleasant and loving temperament, Sylvia wanted to find a way to share her with other people. Then Comfort Creatures came into our lives. Lola has just passed her Delta test, so she can start her visits. We are new at this, but hopefully Lola will share love and happiness wherever she goes.

Stephanie and Emma

Stephanie and Emma became a pet therapy team with Love on a Leash in 2009. Emma was rescued from a shelter and is about three or four years old. Their favorite places to visit are Sanctuary Hospice House and Gardner-Simmons home for girls.

Jan & Katie

Jan Carnathan and Katie joined Comfort Creatures in 2009. Katie is an Australian Shepherd who loves everyone she meets. Even though her job that she was bred to do was herding livestock, she is enjoying her life now as she shares her happiness with others. Katie seems to connect to all ages with her soulful eyes and doggie smiles!

Jenna & Snickers

Jenna & Snickers have been registered Delta Society Pet Partners since June 2008. They moved to Tupelo and joined Comfort Creatures in the Summer of 2010. Snickers especially enjoys visiting with children.