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Special Stories

Charlie’s Story from Tricia Goldman

Rescued from Tupelo-Lee Humane Society, June 2008
Registered With Delta Society, May 2009

I took Charlie to The Sanctuary Hospice House for a flag raising ceremony. After the program we went inside to visit some patients. As we were finishing visits on one hall, Lynn, one of the nurses, came and got me saying she needed Charlie on the other hall. As we turned the corner I saw about ten adults gathered in the hallway and among them was a 10 year old little boy. I wasn’t sure if their loved one had taken a turn for the worse or passed away. When the little boy saw Charlie, suddenly his pain seemed to have lifted a bit. He hugged Charlie, crying and even laughing with him. Charlie stayed with him until the Pastor was ready to say a prayer, at which time I took Charlie to the nurse’s station and found out that the woman that had passed away wasn’t just his grandmother, but she had raised him!! She was only 62.

Then, while at the nurse’s station, the funeral home arrived with the gurney to take his grandmother. Leaving the gurney at the nurse’s station, Lynn, Charlie and I went to the little boy and she asked him if he wanted to go in and see his grandmother one last time. He dropped to his knees and hugged Charlie and buried his face, full of tears, into Charlie’s neck saying “Oh Charlie, Oh Charlie!” Then he looked up at Lynn and said “No, its OK now, you may take her now.” At that time I asked him if he would go with me to take Charlie for a walk. Again I saw a bit of his pain lifted and his little teary eyes turned to “beaming” little eyes. At that time we took Charlie’s leash and walked away, closing an untimely chapter in his life, with the best companion at his side, a dog!

I am so grateful God put Charlie and me there at just the right moment. At times like this we must put our own feelings, losses and closed chapters behind us and be there for others.

God bless each of you!

This story was also published in Delta Society’s Interactions Magazine, Spring 2010